LED Headlights - Advantages and disadvantages

There are many cars today with the Best LED Headlights, as their shapes are flexible and they bring some benefits. However, this is not always valid for older models. Even though manufacturers do not plan to install LED headlights, there are conversion kits for you to mount even without experiments. We'll tell you what you need to be careful about when setting up your headlights, the benefits that this new lighting system brings, and what you need to pay attention to when buying.
Why change lighting?

Light Emitting Diode LED headlamps have in comparison with their ancestors bulbs and their direct competitors xenon headlights, some advantages, which apply to the driver but also to other road users. First, they last longer, and run for tens of thousands of hours, during which they consume less electricity, for the same light output. They are beneficial for traffic in the opposite direction since they dazzle only very little. Indeed, their light is emitted by several sources. Even in case of accidental glare, other road users will only be slightly disturbed.

Multibeam-LEDs ( Mercedes-Benz ) and Matrix-LEDs ( Audi ) go even further. These LED headlights work more technologically than normal LED headlights. Indeed, 36 LED modules can be computer-controlled, which contains data from a small camera. Matrix LED headlightsIn this way, it is for example possible to recognize a roundabout and to directly adapt the headlights or to automatically vary the intensity of the high beam when driving in the opposite direction. For now, this system is only available for high-end equipment types. It may be possible in the next few years to use them.

The small disadvantage is the purchase price . Even taking into account the lifetime, LED headlights are always more expensive than standard h3 bulbs or even xenon headlights . The LED headlamps lose very little heat, which is on one side an advantage but on the other a disadvantage since this can lead to some problems. Yes, humiditypresent in your headlights and makes them blinding will evaporate more difficult. As long as your headlights are properly waterproof, you do not have to worry about that. A small number of people perceive pulsed LEDs to have a thermal effect, in relation to the fact that the response time of the LED headlights is so low and that because of the frequencies emitted afterwards, which continue and then stop. This is very irritating, but a manufacturer can reduce these effects by technical measures.

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