Francois LeJeune Descendant Standing Wolf Man 



Below are the  Moccasins passed down to Standing Wolf Man from his LeJeune  grandmother.




Hello Nancy:

The late 19th early 20th century saw an increased effort to organize and supervise Mi’kmaq exhibits at industrial and agricultural fairs throughout the province which was meant to promote the civilization of ‘Indians’ rather than their showcase traditional artworks and/or crafts. Mi’kmaq were also encouraged to produce items for sale in localized markets. These moccasins are consistent with work done during that period of the late 19th and early 20th century. They are decorated with larger translucent glass beaded flower motifs, trimmed in a red flush velvet standard of the day with smaller white glass beads providing edging along the fabric. 

Roger J. Lewis, MA
Curator of Ethnology, Nova Scotia Museum
Archives, Museums, and Libraries
Department of Culture, Community and Heritage

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