Bras d'Or Indian Village Band Association 


               (1916), 42 D.L.R. 314 (also reported: 17 Ex. C.R. 517)

        Exchequer Court of Canada, Audette J., 16 March 1916

248     RE INDIAN RESERVE     (316)

Joe Christmas, the present chief, or captain, of the band on the Reserve, has lived on the Reserve back and forth since 1875. In 1887, two more Indian families arrived upon the Reserve. In 1899 there were 85 Indians on the Reserve, and on February 15, 1915, there were 23 houses and 115 Indians. At present there are between 120 and 122 Indians and 27 houses, without counting the school-house and the brick building with sanitary closets

The present Reserve is really an adjunct of the Eskasoni Reserve, composed of 2,800 acres, and which is about 24 to 25 miles from Sydney. The Grand Chief of the Micmacs resides at Eskasoni, and there is only a sub-chief, or captain, at the Sydney Reserve. There are in the vicinity of 155 Indians at Eskasoni, who do some agricultural work. When these Eskasoni Indians come to Sydney to sell their handicrafts and products, they reside on the Sydney Reserve. There is also the Cariboo Marsh Reserve, of about 5,385 acres. The land on that Reserve is so poor that no Indians reside upon it, but as there is considerable timber upon it they use it to cut their supply for fuel and for making ties, which they sell to the Steel & Coal Co. There are also Indians residing at North Sydney and Little Bras d'Or who, like the others when they come to Sydney, put up at the Indian Reserve.



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