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 Bay St. George, Newfoundland, by

 Allan T.Stride 

(included in a letter sent by Mr. Stride 

to Young family 


The forefather of the vast majority of the Young 

lineage in 

Bay St. George was almost certainly 

James Young also 

known as Jacques LeJeune. 

He was the son of Christophe 

LeJeune and Louise 

Galland of Petite Bras D'Or, Cape 

Breton Island. (See below)

Maliseet & Micmac Vital statistics:

Bernard Baptized 1771.4.25 Age; Birth date 1768.2.7 Parents:

Chrystophte(sic) lejeune Briard and Louse Galand Ste. Anne

de Restigouch

Caraquet Witnesses: Etienne and Marie Anne Bouche Notes:


Petite Bras d'Or , Cape Breton " Indian" Source: 47,-- , F1733


been the proprietor of a 100 acre 

farm but 

being somewhat in debt owing to unpaid taxes. James LeJeune left his property in the custody  of his 

brother-in-law Joseph Jessom, and 

embarked on a journey to Newfoundland in the spring of 1825.

It was his intention 

to work the Newfoundland fishery 

to better his 

circumstances with the hope of returning 

the ensuing year To settle his land dispute. This never materialized.

Born in 1778 at Petite Bras D'Or, married to a 


Jessome, Jacques LeJeune died 

February 25 1872 at the 

"Main Gut"- likely in the 

area of Mattis Point or 

Stephenville Crossing... 

James and his wife had three 

children in 1802, 

seven in 1818 and nine 

 in 1826. 

These children 

undoubtedly all accompanied 

their parents 



Newfoundland with the possible 

exception of  

the eldest 

son Louis, who 

is assumed 

to be the one who died in Arichat, 

Nova Scotia in 1882 at the age of 84 years.
An 1838 census of the Western shore on Newfoundland or  

more commonly known as the 


Shore" at that  

time, lists James Young 

along with a contingent of others  of the namesake namely Alexis .. Benjamin ..Francis ...

Jim .. Joseph ..

and Isaac. All of these people 

stated as 

being from Cape Breton.

Source: The Histories of the Young family of Bay St. George

, Newfoundland, by Allan T. Stride


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