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A book was written by Francois-Edme Rameau de Saint-Pere titled, "Le Canada-Francais Documents sur l'Acadie,'' where he confirms that Pierre "dit" Briard Lejeune, Sr. who arrived in Acadia as a child married a Micmac woman. She is believed to be a Doucet.

The census of 1686 listed Pierre "dit" Briard Lejeune, Jr. as being married to Marie Thibodeau and his brother Martin Lejeune as being married to Marie-Jeanne Kagijonias, a Mi'kmaw. After Marie-Jeanne's death, Martin married Marie Gaudet, the daughter of Jehan (Jean) Gaudet and Marie-Jeanne Henry. A 1693 census lists a sister to Pierre, Jr. and Martin named Jeanne, who was married to Francois Joseph, a Mi'kmaw.

Our documentation tells us that Pierre "dit" Briard Lejeune, Jr. 's son Germain "dit" Briard Lejeune is the forefather to most of the Newfoundland Mi'kmaq Youngs. His wife Marie Guedry was also of Mi'kmaq ancestry.

Stephen White, in his dictionary, Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes published in 1999 by the C'entre d'Études Acadiennes Université de Moncton, clearly states that she was the daughter of Madeleine Mius dit D'Azy whose mother Marie was a documented Mi'kmaq woman. He confirms the Lejeune ancestry as well.

In following Germain's son Chrysostome (also spelt Christopher and Chrystophte), who married Louise Hache-Gallant, a Mi'kmaw from PEI whose marriage was revalidated in August 26, 1771 at Petit Bras d'Or, Cape Breton, N.S., we look to church records (some of which is available at The Micmac-Maliseet Institute's vital statistics) to provide further insight and confirms the following marriage for the brother of Chrysostome:

Recorded at St. Pierre aux Liens, Caraquet and St. Anne de Restigouche, the marriage in Labrador of Paul "dit" Briard Lejeune, son of Germain "dit" Briard Lejeune and Marie Guedry, to Helen Lejeune, daughter of Joseph and Jeanne Lejeune, who were Mi'kmaq, on August 27, 1771. The Priest was C.F. Bailley. Witnesses to the wedding were Germain Briard Lejeune, Marie Guedry, wife of Germain Lejeune, Joseph Lejeune, Jean Baptiste Boucher, Joseph 'dit' Briard Lejeune, cousin, Louise Hache-Gallant, sister in law, and children and friends. All were recorded as being Mi'kmaq.

We have the baptism record for Chrysostome's son Bernard. Recorded at St. Anne de Restigouche, the baptism of Bernard "dit" Briard Lejeune "Indian" born on February 7, 1768 and baptized on April 25, 1771 son of Chrystophte "dit" Briard Lejeune and Louise Gallant at Petite Bras D'Or, Cape Breton. Godparents were Etienne and Marie Anne Boucher. The Priest was C.F. Bailley. Chrysostome in 1805 petitions for a lease for lot 7, at the French Village, Little Bras d'Or, on which he has resided for many years. This shows him still in the area.

Chrysostome's son Jacques Lejeunes, (other aliases shown on land petition below), was known to have lived around the Bras D'Or area as well, before migrating to Newfoundland. In the Nova Scotia archives we can see land petitions to prove this.

In an 1802 land petition, Jacques states: "he is married and has three children. He asks for a lot on Bouladerie Island near the entrance of little Bras d'Or, known as La Chourch Brulia."

In an 1826 land petition, the petitioner, "who is also called James Young and Jacques Young, and Jacques Christophe, is the son of Christophe Lejeune of the French Village where petitioner was born. He is 48 years old, is married and has nine children. He has occupied for more than 24 years a lot near French Village. Last spring, petitioner being somewhat in debt, left the land in the care of his brother-in-law, Joseph Jossen (also spelt Jesseau, Jessop, Jessome and Jesso), and went to Newfoundland fishing, in the hope of bettering his circumstances. While he was away Benjamin Young applied for the land, but has not yet taken possession of it. It being occupied by a tenant placed there by Jossen to cultivate the land until the return of petitioner. He asks a grant. Note: approved if he takes out a grant immediately." Thus we connect Jacques to his father.

Jacques' descendants are spread all over Baie St-George and beyond. His son Henri, Sr. who married Susan Duffenias moved out on the Port au Port Peninsula where he died February 9, 1906 at Clam Bank Cove. We are proud of our heritage.

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