Mi'kmaq Families of Bras d'Or Indian Village 


         Nancy Swan at C.B.U. With Tuma Young , Assistant 

    Professor of Political Sciences  & Indigenous Studies.


 James Quinn & Frances LeJeune

  Mi’kmaq Families of Indian Village Little Bras d’Or



Members of  Bras d’or Indian Village Band Association descend from the following Indian Families, identified in both census and historical records, residing  in Indian Village Little Bras d’Or.

Records of our ancestors establishing the connection to our Historic Indian Village Community.


 Germain LeJeune dit Briard  was Born 1693 in  Annapolis Royal , Nova Scotia and died after 1735. His first marriage was to Anne Marie Trahan  on may 23rd 1712  Anne Marie Trahan was born. In 1698 and died before 1729 . His second marriage was to Marie Guerdy  in 1730. Marie Guerdy was born in1691. She was the Daughter of  Jean Baptiste Guerdy and Madeline Mius. Germain and his fanily were resising  in Alexandra, Prince Edward Island and arrived at Bras d'Or in August 1750. 



Jeanne LeJeune dit Briard  was born 1691in Annapolis Royal , Nova Scotia. She married Jean Roy on March 3 1712 at St Charles Parish in Grand Pre. Jean Roy was born in 1691 and died April 6th 1770. He was the son of Jean Roy and Marie Aubois 


Christophe/Chrysostome LeJeune dit Briard was born 1740 in Richmond Co. Nova Scotia. He married Louise Hache dit Gallant .She was born  March , 3rd,1737 in Port LaJoie, PE.  Family resided in Little Bras d’Or



Joseph Charles LeJeune  was born. 1729 and died. after 1811. He married Martine Roy on December 11th 1754 Martine was born. 1732 and died. after 1811. She was the daughter of Charles Roy born 1700 and Marie Charlotte Chauvet born 1700 in Nova Scotia. Family residing in Baye Des Espagnols, Bras d'Or in 1752  



Germain LeJeune was born 1741 and married Marie Anne Marres (Dit) Lasonde  in 1766. Marie Anne was the daughter  of Judith Petitpas and Bernard (Marc) Marres (Dit) Lasonde



Paul LeJeune dit Briard born 1747 married  Angelique Helene 27/8/1771 at Little Bras d'Or. His cousin Joseph Lejeune dit Briard  son of Pierre and Jeanne Benoit, Residing in Little Bras d'or



Marie Marguerite LeJeune born 1686 and died. before1752 married Jean-Joseph Boutin born1676. In 1752 the family is living in Baye Des Espagnols



Francois leJeune/Young was born 1772 in Bras d'Or, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. and died March 28, 1838 in Little Bras D'or, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He is the son of Joseph Young b. 1730 in Bras D'or, Cape Breton, N.S. and Martine Roy b. 1738 in N.S. he married Margaret Briard Young on September 17th ,1793. Margaret Briard Young  was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She is the Daughter of Chrystome lejeune dit Briard b. 1740 in Nova Scotia  and  Louise Marguerite Hache Gallant b. March 3, 1737in Port Lajoie, Isle St. Jean. Louise Marguerite Hache Gallant is the daughter of Pierre Hache  dit Gallant, b: 1700 in Amherst N.S d: 1760 in Port Lajoie, Isle St. Jean and Cecile Lavergne b: 1 Mar 1708 in Annapolis Royal, Richmond, Nova Scotia. Pierre Hache Gallant is the son of Michel Hache dit Gallant b. 24 April 1662 in Tr-Riv, Quebec who's mother was Esquimaux.  Family resided in Little Bras d’Or



Gabriel LeJeune Jr. born. 1797 and died. before 1871 married Mary Catherine Dauphinee/ Dauphney born 1799 in St Margaret's Bay. She was the Daughter of Jacques Dauphiney and  Susan Catherine Jolymore .  Family residing  in little Bras D'Or



John Joseph LeJeunes born 1792 married Catherine Boutilier Septenber 5th 1812 by Rev Smythe. Family residing in Residing in Little Bras D'Or



Daniel  LeJeune Young born 1788/95 married November 1833 to Marie Marmeau.  Marie Marmot was the daughter of Francois Marmeau born 1787 and  died 1870 in Arichat he married  Miss Terrio/Terreau born 1797 and died in1851 in  Arichat . Witness: Thomas Phalen and James Quinn.



Frances Young born in 1816 and married in 1833 to James Quinn born 1807. Frances Young "Fanny" was born in 1802 in French Village married August 1,1833 at Sacred Heart Ch. Sydney, James Quinn / Queen born 1807. Witnesses: Daniel LeJeune, Benjamin Lejeune, Lawrence Barry and Maurice.



Bridget Quinn was born.  February 21,1858 in Little Bras d'Or and died in 1919. She married. James Swan born 1842 and died 1918. Buried St. Joseph Cemetery Litle Bras d'Or: Children: John  J. Swan m. Stella Jessome, William Swan, Dennis Swan, Patrick L. Swan, George Swan.


 Mary Ann Young born 1810 married Patrick Penderghast born 1798 and died before 1881. Residing 1871 Howley's FerryChildren : P.William Pendergrast b. 1869 ,Elizabeth Pendergrast b. 1870, Thomas Pendergrast b. 1874 ,Walter Pendergrast b. 1875 ,J. Mary Pendergrast b. 1877, J. John Pendergrast b. 1879



Elizabeth Young born 1811 in Little Bras D'Or married Auguste Benoit aka Angus Benwa born.1809 son of Jean Baptiste Benoit born. 1767 and Celeste Doiron



Rachel Young born1820 married  John William Cantwell born 1807. Children : John Cantwell b. 1846 married Annie  _ born 1851, Margaret Cantwell b. 1853, Rachel A. Cantwell b. 1856 , Emma Cantwell b.1858 , James Cantwell b.1861 , Francis Cantwell b. 1868


 Alexander Young born 1820  in Little Bras d'Or married  Ellen Bragg. Children:  Alexander Young born 1845 Sydney Mines, collier, residing in Cow Bay, married. 21/5/1868 at Little Glace Bay by Fr John Shaw, Banns to Jane Coady born 1847 and residing in Cow Bay, daughter of Thomas and Jessie Coady.  Mary Elizabeth Young born 1848 in Bras d'or and residing in Cow Bay married. 22/8/1867 at Glace Bay by Fr John Shaw, Banns, David Carson b. 1844, shoemaker, residing in Cow Bay, s/o William and Jane Carson. Witnesses: Alex Young and Jane Curry

Edward LeJeune Young born 1808 married Annie Gillis born  1816 in Little Bras D'Or daughter of John Gillis and Anne Briand born 1780.  1871 the family resided in Bras d'Or dwelling # 274 and later Pond Road, Sydney Mines where the trailor park is.

Gabriel Young born 1/8/1830 baptised  22/1/1831 died 1/7/1918 Bras d'Or, married Johanna Howley/Julia Hanley born  10/8/1832 died. at age 66. Res: Bras d'Or, 1871 the family resided in Bras d'Or dwelling # 28



John Young born 10/9/1838  in Little Bras d'Or died 28/7/1929 in Sydney married 8/8/1865 Anastasia Tobin born 8/1/1842 of Sydney Forks died 11/10/1917in Sydney daughter of Nicholas Tobin and Ann Woolzen (Wilson) Both are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery North Sydney. Res: 1871 Sydney dwelling #30


1871 Census- Howley’s Ferry. Children of Peter Pero and Mary Boutilier: Sarah Benoit born 1844 married  Charles Pero/Peiro born 1837 Children: Charles Pero/Peiro born 1865 ,Peter Pero/Peiro born 1868 , Elizabeth Pero/Peiro born1869, Michael Pero/Peiro born 1871, Catherine Pero/Peiro born. 1875. Note: Peiro’s of Alder Point


Rachael Young born 1865 married 25/4/1883 Thomas Doucette son of  Peter Doucette and Margaret Howley


Benjamin Young born 3/3/1868 Bras d'Or d married 7/2/1961 Alice Bouchard born 12/6/1860 died 1943 Residing Bras d'Or Both are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery  Bras d'Or.



 Mary Benoit born 1845 Cow Bay, residing in Cow Bay married 3/2/1868, at Cow Bay, by Fr John Shaw, John Young born 1843 Little Bras D'Or, Laborer, residing at Cow Bay, son of John Young born 1820 married. Ann/Nancy Fortune 



John Young, born 1843 in Little Bras d'Or, Laborer, residing at Cow Bay, married . 3/2/1868, at Cow Bay, by Fr John Shaw, Mary Benoit  born. 1845 Cow Bay, residing in Cow Bay, daughter of Angus and Elisa Benoit. Witnesses: John O'Neil and Veronica Gotro [Gauthro]


Maliseet & Micmac Vital Statistics:

Lejeune 'dit' Briard, Paul Labrador St. Pierre aux Liens, Caraquet Parents / Former Spouse: s/o Germain Briard Lejeune and Marie Guetri -- , Helene  Parents / Former Spouse: d/o Joseph and Jeanne  Witnesses: Germain Briard Lejeune, Marie Guitry, Lepouse de Germain Lejeune, Joseph Lejeune, Jean Baptiste Bouche, Joseph Lejeune 'dit' Briard (cousin) and Louise Galand (sister in law)  Notes: married in Labrador; all recorded as being 'Mikmaks'  Source: 30, -- , F1476  (Search score: 41) (Note: "married in Little Bras d'Or")

Lejeune 'dit' Briard, Paul Labrador St. Anne de Restigouche, Caraquet Parents / Former Spouse: s/o Germain Briard Lejeune and Marie Guitre -- , Helene  Parents / Former Spouse: d/o Joseph and Jeanne who were 'Mikmak'  Witnesses: Germain Briard Lejeune, Marie Guetry(sic), Germain Lejeune, Joseph Lejeune (brothers), Jean Baptiste Bouche, Joseph Lejeune 'dit' Briard (cousin), Louise Galand sister in law), and children and friends  Source: 47, -- , F1733  (Search score: 41)


Bernard Baptized: 1771.4.25  Age/Birthdate: 1768.2.7  Parents: Chrystophte(sic) Lejeune Briard and Louise Galand Ste. Anne de Restigouche, Caraquet  Witnesses: Etienne and Marie Anne Bouche  Notes: baptized at Petite Bras Dor, Cape Breton, 'Indian'  Source: 47, -- , F1733  (Search score: 14)


Helene Labrador
Priest: CF Bailly  Register: St. Pierre Aux Leins, Caraquet  Parents / Former Spouse: d/o Joseph and Jeanne Lejeune 'dit' Briard, Paul  Parents / Former Spouse: s/o Germain Briard Lejeune and Marie Guetri  Witnesses: Germain Briard Lejeune, Marie Guitry, Lepouse de Germain Lejeune, Joseph Lejeune, Jean Baptiste Bouche, Joseph Lejeune 'dit' Briard (cousin) and Louise Galand (sister in law)  Notes: all recorded as being 'Mikmaks'  Source: 30, -- , F1476  (Search score: 41)


Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management


Coby, Pierre Louis Married: 1797.7.7  
Priest: JBM Castanet  Register: St. Bernard, Neguac  Parents / Former Spouse: s/o Jean Baptiste Coby and Magdelaine Mius, Marie Joseph  Parents / Former Spouse: d/o Jean Baptiste Mius and Ursule  Witnesses: Mathieu Noel, Jean Baptiste and Michel Source: 57, M14, F1731  (Search score: 29


RG 1 Vol. 26a p.120 Register De St. Poncy de La Vernède Priest  24 April 1734 Registration date  Baptism Event  Louis Pierret born 21 December 1733, Mi'kmaq Name  Baptiste Pierret Mi'kmaq Father  Madelene Mius Mi'kmaq Mother Godparents: Louis Robichaux; Henriete Petitpas


 RG 1 Vol. 26 p.298  Prêtre Justinien Durand Priest  24 November 1710 Registration date  Marriage Event  Joseph ComeauGroom  Pierre Comeau L'Aine dit L'estourgeon Father  Jeanne Bourg Mother  Marie Roy Bride  Jean Roy dit Le Liberté Father  Marie Aubois Mi'kmaq Mother

RG 1 Vol. 26a p.71 Register  René Charles de Breslay Priest  10 September 1730 Registration date  Marriage Event  Louis Fontaine twenty-three years old Groom  René Fontaine clerk at the Marine office in France Father  Elizabeth Corporon Mother  Marie Magdelaine Roy twenty-nine years old Bride  Jean Roy Father  Marie Aubois/Dubois Mi'kmaq Mother  Witnesses: Pierre Roy master shoemaker; Pierre Guedry; Charles and René Roy brothers of the bride; Pierre and Joseph Suret sons of Pierre Suret; Pierre Doucet son of Jacques Doucet



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