Bras d'or Indian Village Band  Association




 The word "wigwam" comes from the Mi'kmaq  wikuom  meaning "dwelling"  These dwellings represented the nomadic way of The Mikmaq . Wikuoms were usually put up by the women and could be built in a day. They built a strong frame consisting of five spruce poles and used  Birch bark , which could be easily peeled from the trees in spring for sheathing. They used roots and plant fibres for ropes and string to tie the bark solidly to the frame The frame consists of  five spruce poles, lashed together at the top  and the top was left open for smoke to escape. In winter, with colder weather, they covered the boughs with the furs and skins that once kept warm the animals from the forest. To warm their houses, l'nu'k collected lots of dry firewood.


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