Bras d'or Indian Village Band Association

                                            Kisu'lkw The Great Spirit

The Mi'kmaq people do not explain how the Great Spirit came into existence only that Kisu'lkw is responsible for creating everything.

The word Kisu'lkw in Mi'kmaq means "you have been created." The word does not imply gender. Kisu'lkw is not a he or a she because gender is not important. 

It also means,"the one credited for your existence". 


Kisu'lkw shaped  Kluskap (Glooscap) out of the basic elements of the Mi'kmaq world in the form of a human body. Kluskap was given great knowledge and powers. One such power was the ability to alter and

shape the enviroment.

 Kisu'lkw said to Kluskap " I am creating people in my own image and call them Mi'kmaq 

Kluskap was to pass knowledge to the Mi'kmaq people including the knowledge of good and evil,  fire, tobacco and  skills to build canoes and fishing nets.

Kluskcap legends are many and tell much about the Mi'kmaq people and the world of the ancestors.



                STEPHEN AUGUSTINE


The first level of Creation is what we call Gisoolg in the Mi’kmaq language. When we say Gisoolg, it means that you have been created, and you are being created.

The first person that was created on this Earth was Glooscap, with his head lying in the direction of the rising sun, and his feet in the direction of the setting sun. And his arms were outstretched, one to the south, and one to the north.


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