Bras d'or Indian Village Band Association

     Francis  Lejeune Young Land Grant


                Francis (Lejeune) Young ( Fransway Young) Land Grant


Young, Francis b. 1772  a native of Cape Breton, has 11 children, his parents are residing with him. Fransway LeJeune aka Francois LeJeune b. 1772 d. 28/3/1838 m. 17/9/1793 Margaret Briard Young .

Francis is the s/o Joseph LeJeune b. 1730 & Martine LeRoi (Roy) b. 1738

On this petition, Francis states “his father and mother all residing with him” By this statement we know that both Joseph LeJeune b. 1730 and Martine LeRoi (Roy) b. 1738 are buried in Little Bras d'Or. At the time of this petition, Joseph would be 81 and Martine would be 73.


Pictures of land Grant Of Francis Lejeune Young

Owner and Descendant John Brennick

         land Grant Of Francis Lejeune Young



                                          Will Of Francis Lejeune Young








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